The Loesche Group is the authority in the cement industry on grinding technology. By combining this hard-earned knowledge with a focus on environmental sustainability Loesche is able to develop the future of construction materials.

Cement Pulverisation

Steel Slag / Carbicrete

Steel slag is a by-product of smelting that can be used as an alternative to cement in construction due its similar properties, including strength and compressibility. This is not new technology and has been proven since the 1800s. However, steel slag has additional properties that allows carbon dioxide to be imbued within the slag, permanently trapping it within the concrete. Known as carbon curing, this can effectively make concrete carbon negative.

Loesche’s vertical spindle roller mills are able to pulverise steel slag into a fine powder which can be converted into Carbicrete. Though slag has industrial application much of it ends up on landfills, where it is a reactant for poisonous leachate. By utilising it in construction it not only reduces the landfill waste, but also reduce the burden on the excavation and treated of traditional cements (e.g. limestone). By combining this benefit with the developments in Carbicrete it is possible to make carbon negative concrete.

Steel Slag & Vertical Roller Mill Technology

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