Loesche Energy Systems owes its history to Loesche GmbH.

Founded in 1906 under the name Curt von Grueber Technisches Bureau, the company specialised in the development and manufacture of cement and phosphate mills. In 1912 Ernst Curt Loesche joined the company as an engineer, but soon rose in the ranks, becoming the managing director in 1919. Under Ernst Curt Loesche the company expanded its operations into many industries including ores, coal, and steel. The company was passed on to his youngest son Ernest Guenter Loesche in 1948, which was then subsequently passed onto Thomas Loesche (Ernst Curt Loesche’s grandson).

Our History 2

In 2004, Loesche GmbH looked to expand further into the energy industry, culminating in the formation of Loesche Energy Systems Ltd. This new company centred only on energy solutions. At first it was principally involved in the installation of coal and biomass mills and classifiers around the world. In 2016, LES formed the subsidiary Loesche Energy Systems India who perform a dual role of operating within the Indian market, as well as providing a manufacturing facility to support projects in the far east.

Our History

As the world became increasingly environmentally conscious, so did LES. Whilst many companies sought to focus on either carbon reduction, or waste reduction; LES recognised that one problem could provide the solution to the other. Through the development and acquisition of waste to fuel technologies, LES was able to create holistic solutions that allow for significant carbon reduction, as well as landfill reduction.

Carbon Neutral

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