Managing Director

Daniel Hughes

Dan’s background is in finance, and prior to taking the helm at Loesche Energy Systems, he served as the finance director. At university he studied for a degree in Managerial Studies and Finance and is now a Chartered Management Accountant. Initially he was purely interested in the commercial growth of the business world, however as he developed as a manager, he saw how a company can be utilised to affect change in the world. Under Dan’s leadership the company saw a seismic shift in the core business model as the focus moved towards carbon neutral energy and waste solutions. As a father of two, he became increasingly concerned for the welfare of the planet that they would grow up in and saw Loesche Energy Systems as an effective vehicle for change. His role as a father also informs his business philosophy, valuing the personal development of individuals, whether they be a supplier, a client, or a staff member. He hopes to see Loesche Energy Systems earmarked for its contributions to the reduction of global emissions.

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Head of Thermal Projects

Sebastian Bautista

Sebastian joined Loesche Energy Systems in 2008 as an engineer, making him the longest currently serving employee of the company. Growing up with a keen interest in technology and a particular aptitude for physics, engineering was an obvious choice of career. Sebastian enrolled in a BSc in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Colombia where he was chosen for an exchange program with Kassel University in Germany, studying pyrolysis of palm oil waste. He first became aware of the Loesche Group whilst working at a cement plant in Colombia, where he learned that Loesche represented the technological pinnacle of vertical spindle roller mills. After joining Loesche, he soon learned why it has such a strong reputation for excellence, with the priority being placed on customer satisfaction. As a project manager, Sebastian has helmed a wide range of projects from the retrofitting of dynamic classifiers and replanting of mills, through to mill installations in brand new plants. Whilst at Loesche, Sebastian completed an MBA, focussing on Technical Management; the skills of which he brings to every project in his role as Head of Thermal Projects.


Head of Human Resources

Jenny Stevens

Jenny has 25 years’ experience as an HR professional, working in SMEs as small as three people through to large multi-national companies. Her steps into HR as a career began when a chance opportunity landed in her direction. She started a four-year course at the University of Central England achieving a CIPD Level 7 with a particular interest in employment legislation. Jenny recognises that HR can be a difficult, and often thankless job, but every day brings a new challenge. She was attracted to LES by the managements’ passion for cleaner energy and less waste, as well as a family orientated corporate structure, which aligned much with her own values. Jenny hopes to see Loesche Energy expand its resources and continue to innovate fuel and energy solutions.


Financial Controller

Chetan Rajan

Chetan is the newest member of the senior management team at Loesche Energy Systems. He is Fellow of the Charted Association of Certified Accountants with a background in financial consulting in a range of industries, including logistics, construction, and care; from start-ups to franchising. Looking for a new challenge, he was attracted to energy, particularly the emerging alternative fuels market. His goal is to continue to streamline and improve the company’s financial and operational processes as the business continues to grow.


As a globalised company, we at Loesche Energy Systems recognise the importance of having a diverse team. With many different backgrounds we can draw from a wide range of perspectives and insights, creating an environment that encourages creativity, problem solving and innovation. This makes LES a reliable and resilient partner.

Our Leadership

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