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Incorporated in 2006, Loesche Energy Systems Ltd (LES) specialises in power generation.Originally concentrating on the utilisation of proven Loesche Group technologies in thermal power generation, LES in now shifting focus towards the developing Alternative Fuels industry. By applying skills and expertise learned within the thermal power industry, LES represents the authority in waste to fuel technology.
Loesche Energy Systems

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LES Vision

Our vision is simple, we want LESS WASTE and CLEANER ENERGY.

Every year, the world creates 2 billion tonnes of solid waste, at least a third of which is not managed in an environmentally safe manner. This figure is projected to grow to 3.4 billion tonnes per year by 2050. Loesche Energy Systems recognises that this landfill refuse represents an untapped opportunity for energy generation. Our waste systems can efficiently sort, and process refuse creating a cost-effective, high calorific fuel. This will reduce the amount of landfill waste as well as reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

We want to revolutionise the waste and energy industries; we foresee a world whereby alternative fuels, are simply called fuels.

Loesche Energy

LES Mission

Loesche Energy Systems represents the cutting edge of alternative fuels technology. Through the continuous innovation of our technology, we can gain a reputation for cost effective, pragmatic solutions. We are a client orientated company and create long-term partnerships to continue the development of low/ zero carbon solutions. By acting now, we can become the market leader in this emerging industry.

Loesche Energy Systems alternative fuels

Why Alternative Fuels

Landfill waste is an environmental and ecological disaster poisoning the planet. Mountains of uncovered, carcinogenic landfill blight the horizon contaminating the soil, the air, and the water. Rain causes landslides and flooding, filling homes with an acrid slurry requiring a manual clean up with no PPE. While we in the West pontificate on environmental issues, countries like Kenya, Malaysia, Turkey, and China live it every day. The best time to act was yesterday, the second best is today. Climate Change is not due to take place in some theoretical date in the future: it is happening now; it just hasn’t reached you yet.
Alternative Fuels