Loesche Energy System’s waste conditioning plants can convert municipal solid waste, destined for a landfill, into a high calorific fuel. This fuel can either be used in the dosing of existing thermal powerplants or used alone in waste to energy plants. Whether it be in the form of solid recovered fuel (SRF) or further processed into syngas, Loesche can offer a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Alternative Fuels

By utilising the Loesche Groups’ expertise in the cement industry we can provide bespoke waste conditioning plants tailored towards cement. Municipal solid wastes or commercial and industrial wastes can be processed to generate high-quality Refuse Derived Fuel, for calciner feeding, or SRF, for the main burner feeding. We can offer complete systems and starter-kits for cement plants for the reception, storage, discharge, transport, and dosing of alternative fuels to either calciner or main burner. Systems for all types of alternative fuels available such as RDF, SRF, Biomass (wood chips, sawdust, straw, rice husk), Tyre Chips and more are possible with our systems.

Waste Conditioning Plants

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